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Climate Change

It is January and it is 80 degrees outside. It is the same temperature in LA as it is in Sydney, Australia and they are in the middle of their summer. I do not know what is going on except Nathan reports that it has yet to snow in New York this winter. Of course the year I went to NY it had a record blizzard.

I have never been one to jump on the Global Warming/Climate Change band wagon but lately I do wonder what is going on with the earth. Of course, I still hold out for the fact that we are just at the peak of warmness and then we will be heading towards an ice age. “Day after Tomorrow” anyone?

One of the other things we are overdue for is a re-orientation of our magnetic field. This phenomenon switches the North Pole with the South Pole and usually wreaks havoc on just about all aspects of life. Maybe the reason we are having Summer in the middle of Winter is due to the fact we are really in the Southern Hemisphere.

Then again, maybe we really are messed up and I need to find some property that is at elevation 25 feet and start planning beach-front condos.
I do hope that Northern California gets hammered by rain and snow so that we at least will be able to drink water this summer and be able to flush the toilet whenever we want.