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Dental Update

Visited the dentist today for my semi-annual cleaning and checkup. I never mind going to the dentist, because I like the feeling in my mouth after everything is polished. I had a different person this time then the previous two and she really gave me the hard sell on flossing. She also noticed that I miss a spot when I brush my teeth and I should try and do a better job brushing.

Mind you, when I went in at the end of 2005 after skipping the dentist for two years, I didn’t get any lectures at all. Oh well, at least they are not prepping to drill for cavities. Another hard sell was an electric toothbrush. I have never been sold on them since there are so many different varieties out there and I have no idea where to start. The dental assistant gave me some pointers and afterwards I headed out to Target with my coupon.

I wasn’t about to get the $100 version, so I settled on a sub $20 version that ended up being less than 15 after my coupon. I chose the Oral-B Vitality Sonic since I always liked it when my dentist in Davis would clean my teeth with an ultrasonic device. I charged it up when I got home and took it for a spin. It takes some getting used to, but I am willing to give it a go and see if there is a nominal difference in July when I have my next check-up.