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Wii Have Fun

I finally had a chance to play the new Nintendo Wii. I now understand why it is outselling the PS3 – and it is not just the price. Never have I seen a gaming system that is so easy to use. I picked it up right away and we all had a blast playing the Wii Sports program. I actually worked up quite a sweat and now understand why people have been saying that they can lose weight by playing Wii Sports for 30 minutes a day.

This system is not about the graphics and it shows. I am sure some of the other games will look nice and combined with a classic style controller you will be able to play the more traditional games. I like the fact that for some driving games you hook the Wii Remote into a steering wheel and just drive with it.

If the PS 3 was less money I probably would select it – primarily for the graphics as well as the Blue Ray player. However, if I was just looking for a fun game system, the Wii would be my choice. I am waiting for the eventual Wii-DS linked game that is played on the Wii and you can join in with your DS unit. Perhaps broadcast to the neighborhood kids?

Daniel suggested a Most Haunted Wii game where you use the Wii Remote like the night vision camera on the series and try and find ghosts and poltergeist activity. Yvette/Karl are you listening?