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Climate Change Part 2

I went into the breakroom at work today and Fox News was having a discussion on whether the whole “Global Warming” thing was a sham since there was a record breaking freeze in the mid section of the country. Sadly, Fox News apparently has not heard of a warm spell in Southern California. It is the middle of Winter and I am beginning to think that the poles really are shifting…
Today’s Weather Highlights:
Embarrass, MN -42 Degrees F
Grand Forks, ND -30 Degrees F
State College, PA (Chaos) 4 Degrees F
Chicago, IL (Kris) 11 Degrees F
New York, NY (Nathan) 19 Degrees F
Geneva, Switzerland (Jonathan) 46 Degrees F
Sacramento, CA (Matt) 66 Degrees F
Club Josh Resort, CA 82 Degrees F
Brisbane, Australia (Chris) 86 Degrees F
It is interesting that my weather is more like Brisbane than Sacramento…