Home Life

HD Cable

The cable guy came yesterday and could not figure out what was causing the issue with my TV so he ended up giving me the HD version of my cable box. This version has an aspect ratio setting so I can force my TV to the correct 4:3 ratio. Of course, being an HD box, it processes a much cleaner signal to my television and I even get to see the HD signals. My TV is HD-Ready which means if I have the correct converter I get an awesome signal. So I am pretty happy with the change of boxes, but I am still not certain if I will be paying a higher price per month.

I picked up JMJ’s The Symphonic Jean Michel Jarre which is a full orchestra rendition of some classic tracks. It sounds pretty good and I think it is a great add to my collection. I was surprised that it was supervised by Jarre himself and not just a crop job by some random hack with a two-bit orchestra. If anything, it helps bide my time until Teo and Tea gets released next month.

Other than that not much going on around the house. Today I managed to pay one of my credit cards a second time. It sucks because I really cannot afford to have that much money down in my account, but at least I will not have to make a payment next month. I will probably try to do it anyways so I can be a bit ahead on my account. Needless to say, it will be a tight couple of week until the rent is paid. I guess it is better than NOT paying..