Technology Problems

So I broke down and called the cable company regarding the issues that my television is having with the new cable box upgrade. The technician told me that someone else had called regarding the same issue with the same television. Turns out my suspicion was correct and that they upgraded the cable box software last week, He told me that there were a bunch of boxes that had to have their software reloaded. He walked me through reloading the software, but sadly it did not work as my cable box sat there for a few hours struggling. I finally aborted the upgrade and will have to wait for the cable guy to come out to give me new boxes.

I was then looking at the iTunes site to see if there was anything of interest and I noticed that all of the prices were $1.69. I thought that was an odd price point and then searched the Internet to see if I could find out why or when they upped the price. In the search results I noticed that all the articles it was pulling up were about iTunes in Australia. Gosh I am a dork – I had my country set to Australia (no doubt looking up Kath and Kim stuff). After upgrading to iTunes 7.x, I noticed that the prices were all back at their normal 99 cents.