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Sudafed Criminals

This past week, I was recovering from allergies and some sinus issues and discovered that thanks to the Patriot Act, whenever I want to use a decongestant (the kind found in Claratin, Sudafed and DayQuil), I need to visit the pharmacist and sign my life away that I will not use it to make Meth. I am all for making criminals work harder to do their business, but really. I was very embarrassed when I had to go up and sign just to get some Claratin D. After doing some research I found out that the Meth Act was a rider to the Patriot Act.

Even worse, I do not remember having to go through these hoops the last time I bought Claratin or DayQuil (which apparently has changed its formula so it can still be purchased over the counter). It makes me wonder just how old the medicine is I have in my cabinet.