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Let’s Go Ride a Bike

Friday night Daniel and I dusted off the bikes on the patio and headed out to do a lap of Mile Square Park. It was the first time since I moved down to SoCal that I actually went somewhere on my bike, and I was glad that I finally did it. Honestly, I should have been riding to the beach all the time or at least around town and not being a lazy slob. I think the burgundy bike needs a bit of TLC. Both bikes have rusted a bit since they no longer get to stay inside like they did in Davis and in Studio City. I think with a little oil and perhaps a service at a bike shop they will be as good as new.

My blue bike has never really been used (sad I know). I bought it in Woodland at the Target back in the day that Roger and I were planning on using our bikes a lot. I even managed to get someone to buy the burgundy one, but at the last minute the buyer backed out. I have had this bike since I was 12 and have been hit on it as well as fallen down in a mushroom cloud in Pleasanton.

Hopefully we will stay motivated and keep on riding!