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Holiday Roundup

It has been quite the eventful finish to 2007!

– I was accepted into the Emerging Leader program at Disney. This is an incredible accomplishment that I could not be more proud of and I look forward to all the new challenges at work that come with it. For the first time in six years I will not be involved in attractions – this makes me nervous, but at the same time I am really interested in how other units of the park operate. Hopefully, this is the beginning of something great!

– I had a great Christmas! My Dad’s side of the family all trekked to Disneyland to see me working at the Subs. Granted it was one of the busiest days of the year, and they did not see much else, but they all loved the ride. It made Christmas dinner a bit tame since everyone was pooped, but being able to drive a sub for my family was great. Reminds me of the first time I drove the Casey train years ago when my Mom’s side came to visit.

– Charo and I shared some quality time in Laughlin. How does tip-toeing across Don Laughlin’s Celebrity theater’s stage while full Catholic Mass is going on with Charo, her husband Kjell, and David? Pretty crazy, but David arranged a meeting with Charo and Kjell and if I can pull things together in the next week or so, something great is going to happen. I can’t get into too many details, but it promises to be amazing. Lunch at Spago’s is just around the corner…