Movie Reviews

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Dir: David Yates

I finally caught this movie from Netflix and I have to say that while enjoyable, this seemed to be a “lite” feature. There was not much really going on other than Harry brooding around the place and other than Neville, the rest of the characters experienced zero development (OK, Harry did get a first kiss, but that is about it).

Having not read the book, I can only imagine what was left out considering its size. At any rate I certainly enjoyed Goblet of Fire more.

Bonus note: The Richard Donner cut of Superman II was pretty good. I missed the Eiffel Tower, and it was pretty obvious when they used a screen test instead of actual footage, but they did a great job making it all work. I don’t know if any one else noticed, but Richard Donner seems like he is still pissed about what Richard Lester did to his movie. Oh, and apparently his is a big anti-fur activist (if you have any doubts watch the bonus features – nice Anti fur button on his shirt, and the end credits – large font fur disclaimer). If you have not seen it I recommend checking it out.