New Computer??

There is a good chance that in the next few weeks I will take the plunge and get a new computer. I am still undecided as to what I will actually get, but I am heavily leaning iMac. I know, I have had a Windows PC since 1989, but I have had way to many issues with hijacked computers and pop ups. Let alone the whole Vista debacle.

My issues with converting are this:
1) Software – I will need to spend some cash getting Office, Photoshop, a good HTML editor, a DVD Ripper and DVD Authoring program.
2) MP3s – I will need to reformat my iPod and move them somewhere. I am tempted to turn my PC into a MP3 jukebox that will sit somewhere on all the time and allow me to stream my music from both computers

Plusses include:
1) New Faster computer
2) Ability to do more multimedia work for my new websites
3) Cost – If I get a windows system, I can get a whole lot more for the same price

The decision will come if I can get this contract I am working on hammered out in the few days. I missed a call from my client and I will touch bases with them tomorrow to try and resolve everything. Once it is all resolved, I will be able to spill the beans on what will happen.