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Computer Fun on the Day Off

Not much going on in the world of Club Josh these days. I have been busy with work. The biggest thing I have been agonizing over is the purchase of a new computer. I pretty much have settled on a new iMac, its just a matter of getting up the nerve to actually press the buy now button on the Apple web site. I wish I could just go into an Apple store, but if I purchase it online, I get a discount through work.

Today I decided to wipe the old computer my Dad gave to me and install a fresh copy of XP. It is still a faster computer than the one I currently use as my desktop, and I will be able to use it as a media server once I get all of the drivers and such installed on it. I also might just give it back to my Dad when I get the new iMac. One thing I will try to do first on the other Dell machine is see if I can quickly rip video material for the Charo site. That way I can get started on my new design for the site. One thing that is cool is that my original machine can be donated to Goodwill (sans hard drives of course) and I will be able to get a tax deduction. I can also have Dell Recycle my machine for free as well. No longer will I have old computers hanging around in my house.

So once I get everything all squared away I will be much more productive!
While I was working on the computer, it had to install 90 updates to Windows XP – holy crap!