Club Josh

The Missing Photos!

If you have read my entries from my last vacation, you will know that my old digital camera had this issue with losing the reference to some photos resulting in them vanishing from the ether. After doing some research, I found a software application that recovers such files of digital media. I was stoked that I was able to recover most of the lost photos from Norway and London, and I had always wondered if I could get my Australia missing photos back.

On Day 7 of my Australia trip, Mom, Gary, and I went to see the Penguin parade. When we arrived, I discovered that about 17 or so photos were missing – mainly of our hotel room and one or two of the journey to Phillip Island. I had actually forgotten about the missing photos until the last week or so when I was going through my Australia photos on Flickr. So in a last ditch effort, I plugged in my media card and ran the program.

I am very happy to report that 7 of the photos have been recovered! They are the photos of the Sebel Suites in Melbourne, a very nice enjoyable hotel that is on the Club Josh recommended lodgings list!