Home Life

Home Stretch

This next week should be full of fun and challenges. My final presentation at work is on Wednesday, and I finally received the new HTML template for the new Charo web site.

I still need to get a new suit, practice some more, and just generally relax to prepare.

On the Charo side, I mainly need to do some cutting and pasting as well as a bit of development before I can show the new site to Charo and some friends for feedback. Thanks to Oszie who really helped put my ideas into being with style.

I do find it interesting that my involvement with the new Charo site and my management training program have been side by side since last November. Sometimes it just freaks me out!

In unrelated news, it appears Spring has disappeared from SoCal. I think we might have had one or two days this year. Now we are right into Summer/Fire Season.