First Night with the New CR-V

My hand was forced, and after much deliberation, I finally decided to part ways with my much-loved 2002 CR-V and upgrade to a new 2008 CR-V. As much as I wanted to upgrade to the EX, I stuck with the LX since I decided I didn’t need the extra fluff. (They do have an outside temperature guage on the EX – probably the only thing I really missed out on getting) It still feels like my old CR-V, but definitely quieter on the road and I really like the new instrument cluster.

Some of the styling cues are a bit questionable, but overall I am happy. Some minuses? Less storage space than my 2002 – fewer nooks under the center stack, and no netting on the driver and passenger seat backs. The relocation of the parking break and the transmission lever will take a bit getting used to, but overall I prefer the new design. I was worried that the new transmission location would interfere with my leg, but after driving home and running some errands, I can report all is well.

I no longer have to rely on a tape player for my iPod, but I will now have to go out and get a direct cable since it has an auxiliary plug as well as a iPod nook next to it. I also lost my change drawer and come to think of it, I left the change in my old CR-V!! Oh well. I already want to get a new dash cover – I really liked my old one. The debate still rages on whether or not to get a cargo cover.

Just some first night impressions. I am also glad I didn’t get Glacier Blue. I went for the Royal Blue Pearl which is a dark blue, but I think it looks classier on the road.