Club Josh

Happy 14th!

The 28th of June was the 14th Anniversary of Club Josh, which truly amazes me! I never thought I would stick with the site so long, and trust me some times it seems like an abandoned site, but I still tinker with it as often as I can. I do yearn for the old days of having a computer desk job where I could experiment with things and work at the same time.

As is always fun, be sure to check out the Evolution page to be reminded of the fun that is historical web design!

This redesign is pretty darn modern with its rounded box corners and rounded graphics, but it’s what all the kids are doing these days. I do wish I was better with my Movable Type system so I could dump the entire site into it, and still manage to keep different looks and feels for the sub sections – I don’t want the Gorn page to look like the Jarrepalooza page! I have seen some neat integrations of Gallery and MT, so there is hope that I can get the Diaries into MT along with the galleries that are still on the Club Josh server and not on Flickr.

That’s all for this year! I have had enough cake for today..