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So Cal Snow

This past week, Daniel and I ventured to the San Bernardino Mountains to visit Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead. The Family tells me that I visited them when I was a kid, but sadly I cannot remember that save for a few random snow memories. A few years back, I told Daniel and Leslie that if they wanted to visit real snow, we needed to go to Mammoth. Turns out, I was actually correct. Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead didn’t have too much snow left on the ground and to me the whole area struck me as overdeveloped. Thankfully, we had left early in the day so most people were still trying to wake up and set off back to their respective So Cal destinations. We balked at the idea of paying $25 to go tubing on some small underdeveloped courses that were next to some people’s houses.

We drove around for a bit, and then decided to head over to Mountain High in Wrightwood to see if it was any better. It too was full of day trippers and we arrived too late to actually go inner tubing. We did manage to find a nice spot on the side of a hill that still had people around, but it did have a nice patch of snow. When we were leaving, we found a nice area where the road was closed to Glendale, but there was a parking lot and lots of nice snow in which to frolic. I think if we come back to this area, we will go here instead.

It was nice to spend the day driving around, but I think the next time I want real snow and a “Away From Civilization” experience, I think I will stick to Mammoth or go back to Lake Tahoe since I haven’t been back since I lived in Davis.