Club Josh

Native iOS App

It’s the 1,000th post here to the Daily Update!

I have finally started the process of creating a native iOS version of the Club Josh website. Something I have been wanting to do since the iPhone App store started back in 2008. I missed the gravy train for app developers, but as much as I would love to have created something people would spend .99 for, I nether had the skills or the time.

Thankfully, iOS development has really become easier to do over the years as software developers have put out books and toolkits to get the job done simply, rather than laboring hours and hours over misc. code. Of course, I will still do the hours and hours of laboring as I try to make sense of it all.
The good part is that my mobile site is ready to be ported over rather quickly thanks to an HTML -> XCode tool that I found recently. This will give me a good launching point as I attempt to make a better interface.

Challenges include: How can I create a new UI that will interface with the Daily Update archives? How can I produce a mobile version of the Gorn Page (something that I have wanted to add to the mobile site since the first HDML site 10 years ago)? and of course When am I going to have time to do this??

I will post updates and links as I get to work on the project on my off days.

Wish me luck!