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Whenever I find myself in a new situation at home or at work, it takes me awhile to adjust and get everything back to normal. For example, in July I started a new position at Disney and have transitioned to a normal person’s schedule. Not since I was working on the Nemo project back in 2007 have I had a Monday-Friday schedule. So over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting used to rising at dawn and heading home with the masses.

The bad thing is that it’s worn me out since I’m a night owl by trade. It took me a few mnths to get used to day shifts before, so I’m looking forward to my body acclimating. The good thing is that once again I’ll be able to attend my friends parties on the weekend and heck maybe even throw a few!
Now if I can get my sleeping patterns in order, maybe I can work on my poor web site!

Speaking of web site killers aka social networks, I’ve tried out the new Google+ site. Most of you know I like clean simple interfaces, and in that regards it has succeeded. Hopefully, they will get the bugs worked out and more people will join, otherwise it will go the way of Loopt.