Vacation Ideas

This is actually an entry I started months ago, but never finished..

I have been thinking of where I want to go on vacation. I know, surprise, surprise right? Anyways, It’s been awhile since I really sat down and thought the ever-popular question of where I want to go in the world more than anywhere. Part of this thought is because I’m reflecting on the 10th anniversary of actually accomplishing visiting the first place I ever wanted to go more than anything – French Polynesia.

So in no particular order:
New Zealand
Since visiting Australia, NZ is next on my list. Would love to take a motor home and explore the countryside or just stay in the big cities. Definitely want to visit Christchurch after their quake to help bolster their economy. Oh, and visit LOTR sites!

Barcelona, Spain
One of the cities I have always wanted to visit since the 1992 Olympics! Also Costa Blanca and other regions of Spain and Gibraltar

South of France and Monte Carlo
I have a grand tour from Barcelona to Italy that could take care of the this one and the next few. I really want to gamble in a white tux in Monte Carlo. And drive an Aston Martin. And maybe have a Martini. Just sayin’

Amalfi Coast, Italy
So beautiful…Just want to explore all the villages and eat all the good food.

Volcano + Homeland of my paternal family..

Greek Islands and Athens
This is someplace I have always wanted to go since I studied Greek Culture. And I am a sucker for beautiful islands..

Big hole in my travel map happens to include the Matterhorn. Duh.

More Europe
Eastern and Central Europe are calling…

Shanghai, China and other bits
They are opening a Disneyland Resort there in 2015 or so. Hopefully I will get paid to go there. If not, still will be awesome to be there when it opens just like I was in Hong Kong back in 2005.

Just the tip of the iceberg folks, I literally could go on forever with places to travel. I think I will do another entry soon on North American places to visit.