First Impressions of the Prius v

Well it has been over a month driving the Prius v, and I have to say that I really enjoy it. Once I got over some sticker shock involving the car insurance, I have really settled down with the car.

The first road trip was last week to Phoenix, and it handled my lead foot and still managed 40 MPG. When we drove in Daniel’s classic Prius last year, it averaged 48MPG, so I was pretty pleased with the v’s performance. If there is anything to frown upon in the vehicle, it is the acceleration onto the freeway and going up mountains. The v seems to struggle a bit due to the CVT, but once you are up to freeway speeds, it goes like a champ. I’m also glad I chose silver, as it has received some great compliments from onlookers.

On the inside, no complaints about my seat in the vehicle. I made a minor tweak to the lumbar support, but overall it has been very comfortable, even on the long trip.

I’m still waiting for the chance to drive the relatives down to San Diego. They all really enjoyed riding in the CR-V, so that for me, will be the validation of the car.

I’ve already driven 1800 miles in a month – where will I end up next??