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First Three Months of 2012

It seems the first three months of 2012 were full of uncertainty, but things have really settled down into some normalcy. Looks like I won’t be moving again this year (thank GOD!) and really, the only thing out there is whether or not I will be able to stay in my current position at work past September. Fortunately, I have a lot to do before then, so I can’t really focus on that.

The 17th birthday of Club Josh the web site is this June, and I FINALLY have a new site design. I think if I start working on it a bit every day, I can actually get something done. My problem is I get distracted at home and as I have mentioned, end up doing stuff not related to the web site.

My latest distraction/time waster is Instagram. I joined way back at the end of 2010, but only recently have I really started posting on a regular basis. I am now also archiving the best ones on my Flickr page, so those who don’t have an iPhone or Android Smartphone can see my handiwork. I don’t think I am Instagallery worthy yet, but we shall see!

At any rate, with new design in hand, I am hoping to get the new site up on the new server (sitting unused since September 2011) soon. Again, the biggest stumbling blocks are the Gorn and Trip Diary pages, so overcoming those obstacles will take the lion share of time. The good news is that I finally added the Gorn photos from Puerto Rico to the site, and if I actually get a chance to go somewhere this year, I will post them as well.