Club Josh

18th Anniversary Celebration

Today is the 18th birthday of my web site. If Club Josh was a child, it would be off at some camp for the summer and getting into all sorts of trouble now that it was graduating from high school. I’d hope it had decided to go to college and that I had put some money away so he/she could go to the school of their choice. It’s easy for me to visualize since my nephew was born in September 1995 so my web site and he are close in age.

June 28 is the day Club Josh first appeared on a UC Davis server for the joy of the people I worked with and a few friends. Over the years it’s popularity has ebbed and flowed as my life evolved. Since our re-launch last month with the server issues resolved, I am for the first time in ages excited about seeing my vision come to life.

I have been a bit frustrated with my aged inability to focus and fix some issues (Flickr in WordPress to name one), but I’ve finally uploaded my French Polynesia 2001 and Walt Disney World 2000 photos to Flickr leaving only the 1996-1998 Europe trip photos as the only ones still not online. I’ve even dusted off my Japan March 2004 notebook and started creating Drafts to finish that long-lost Trip Diary. I am still forever haunted by the fact that my October trip has basically zero notes despite having some great memories.

Well here is to the future! I can’t believe the 20th is just two years away!! In the meantime, why don’t you relive Club Josh designs from the past on the Evolution page?