Club Josh

Fixing the links

Today I spent a few hours trying to fix a bunch of old broken links that probably haven’t worked since 2006. I think I have gotten most of my internal links on the Daily Update to work again, and in some cases I have deleted the links altogether. I did manage to find an old 2005 backup of my site which had some photos that have been missing since then – so it was nice to get them restored. The Webfaction index structure is a little weird, but I think I’ve managed to get it to do what I want and it has allowed me to have an images folder where all my pages can reference correctly.

Speaking of old entries – March 15, 2004 was the last day of my Japan Trip Diary I have posted in the diaries page. I really need to get typing the last week of that trip so I can finally finish it. I think if I commit to one entry a day, I might just be able to do it. There is no hope for the October 2004 trip as I only took sporadic notes and have no idea, other than general information, what I did specifically on that trip. I did notice that yesterday I posted the photo of my first trip to Tokyo Disneyland occurred on March 14. On my camera it was March 14, but in the time zone of my physical location, it was the 15th. I have corrected yesterday’s post to fix the space/time discontinuity.

As always, if you manage to find a broken link, let me know!