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Map of California from 1860's Mitchell New Atlas

Map of California from 1860’s Mitchell New Atlas

This map is one of my prized possessions. The photo above is a replica from the New York Public Library’s collection of maps that was recently put online. I could spend days combing over the thousands of maps in the collection.

My map came to me in the 1998 when I was at UC Davis. Me and Reed attended the National Collegiate CADD Conference (which is now the Campus FM Technology Association) in Stanford. They had a historical map for sale section and on a whim I bought the Mitchell 1860 map of California Counties and had it museum framed. It has hung on my wall for many years, except for my last apartment which basically never had anything on the walls. My current apartment has it in a nice dark hallway where I can again enjoy its beauty.

I have quite the California Map collection and one day I might post some more examples (sounds like some good blog filler!!)