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Bergen to Oslo via Train

Yesterday, Jason Kottke posted a great story on Slow TV which included a link to the entire train voyage from Bergen, Norway to Oslo. Back in 2007, Daniel and I took this train voyage twice as part of our “Norway in a Nutshell” tour. As I wrote in the Trip Diary, it was dark for both parts of our trip and as I understand it, we missed some spectacular vistas on the 12 hour round trip.

I’m glad that Norway TV has shown this trip (to high ratings too!) so I can finally see what the heck was outside the windows!

It’s a beautiful 7h30m trip (tunnels shortened) posted by 1slowtv

Incidentally, at 1:57:12 you can see the town of Myrdal, Norway, where we met the Oslo-bound train. We took the spectacularly scenic Flam Railway (Flam is way down on the fjords) to Myrdal (way up in the mountains) as the last part of our tour. We then spent the rest of the trip back to Oslo with an entire fleet of Norwegian Navy men drinking and having a good time.