Home Life

Ugh – Moving Again!

Looks like it’s time to relocate based on how astronomical my current landlord keeps raising the rent. Really, we should have moved last year but we were able to barely make it work. It’s been tough over the past 11 months, and I think it is high time we were came to our senses and stop spending so much money on rent.

Sad part is that if I had a down payment I could easily afford a nice condo. But alas, in the post 2008 world I live in it does not look like I will be able to get there anytime soon. As some one told me, I do not want to be house poor.

Looking at the cost of rent in the greater Southern California area, I am shocked at how constant the rents are for 2 bedrooms in non-Ghetto, non-Glam places. Seems like $1800 is the going rate and that’s just crazy. Although I found one of my previous apartments is $800 more a month than when I lived there 15 years ago. Crazy!!