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Stock Sunday!

Apple, Inc. just did a 7/1 split last Friday and their stock is now a more affordable $93ish a share compared to the $650ish it was on Friday. I’ve been tempted to get the stock since it was $11 back in 2003 when we first started looking at the market. My fictional 100 shares bought back then would now be worth $65,590. Even if I had bought some fictional shares back in 2006 when it was $85, it still would have been worth 65K, but only with a profit of $57K. At least fictional shares don’t have any capital gains taxes!!!

I’ve been toying with the idea of finally getting some stock, but part of me thinks that tech is riding a bubble and I am wondering if there is a bust lurking on the horizon, especially when companies like Uber are worth $17 billion! Maybe it’s worth that much because of all the kidnappings?

At any rate, I’m not much of an investor and I pay attention to the market as much as I pay attention to Soccer – I get excited every few years (like the World Cup) and the rest of the time it’s just an “Oh OK” when I hear about it. Perhaps if I was an investor, I’d be living the life of luxury in a penthouse apartment or enjoying leftovers in a cardboard box.