iPhone 6 Mania Part 1: Bigger Phone and a Watch

Yesterday was the annual Apple phone event and it did not disappoint. I miss the old 2008 days when we didn’t really know what was coming ahead of time. I’m in my upgrade year for my phone and with my camera showing increasing pixel issues (and my point and shoot completely dead), I was excited about what might be coming from Cupertino. I refuse to admit I am an Apple fan boy, although I have been completely happy with my iDevices over the past 6 years. Matter of fact, I still think my iPhone 4 is my favorite of all of my phones (antenna gate and all.) My 5 was bigger, nice, and lightweight, but I never did really care for the black finish which was prone to wear and tear.

This year they have announced two new iPhone models – the 6 and the 6 plus. I am not sure which one I really want to get. I have seen people with their Android phones that were the same sizes as the two new phones and both look positively huge. Perhaps it’s because I’ve been staring at the 4″ display for the past two years. I decided to make some mockups of the two devices and carried them with me to work today to show some friends. A lot of people were interested to hold them and see how they fit in their pockets. I noticed that the 6 Plus really wasn’t that huge in my pocket compared to the 6 dimensions. So I am leaning towards the 6 plus in the largest size the 128GB version. I noticed that Apple sells a MacBook Air that has the same amount of memory which frankly blows me away.

The other item revealed was the Apple Watch. I had not been interested in any sort of wearable device as I love an analog watch (haven’t worn one in months though as my battery is dead), but I am always open to the next big thing that I didn’t really know I needed. I mentioned in January that there didn’t seem to be anything on the horizon that I was hankering for. I’ll admit since I was not able to make it through the whole live stream (and instead watched live tweets and blogs) it didn’t really sell me on the need for one. Add that to the fact that it launches next year and it starts at $395 makes me think twice. I’ll let it stew for a bit and maybe when it actually launches or when they are on version two I might be frothing for one. Remember I waited until the second gen iPhone and iPad before I took the leap!

So much hemming and hawing before pre-orders of the phone on Friday. Not only that, but I am determined to trade in my phone this time so it doesn’t join the others on my shelf to sit for years.