Club Josh

Updating 20 year old links is a pain..

Spent the better part of a week going back through the Daily Update in an effort to update the Flickr links as I am getting ready to delete my old account and host the files locally. There are still a few large Flickr posts I skipped over (especially in the Flicker heavy mid 2000s.) that I need to go back and redirect to the new Trip Diary galleries.

In the editing journey I also started hitting any link that was in the old update entries. Not surprisingly, most of them no longer worked and went to either domain squatter sites or just error pages. I also tried to remove some old photo links that went to random files on the server and instead host the files within WordPress. I figure this gives me better ability to move things around without worrying about breaking things. If you happen to be visiting the olden days and find something broken, please let me know.

I also did some editorial work, trimming entries and removing links that were no longer there. In an effort to remain transparent, I did do some minor editorial changes to a few entries that were personal to people as well as one that was related to work. I shared way too much information (some would argue there is still too much detail about my life as a ride operator) but I tried to keep the spirt of the entries while removing some details. This editorial process was something of a change for me as I am used to just letting things sit there for years, but as we change our opinions and beliefs change. I know for sure some of my opinions on movies that I reviewed a long time ago have changed for sure.

I also finally fixed the spacing and some weird text coding issues that were legacy from the pre-Movable Type site. Really. Errors sitting there for 20 years lol. I can only imagine if I had more than 1800+ entries how much more difficult it would be.

Last night I had trouble sleeping and I came up with some good blog posts to do over the next week or so, but of course I didn’t write them down. In the trip down memory lane, I miss posting about my media consumption. While it has significantly reduced over the years, I enjoyed the memories that those entries stirred up. So I will try and post some updates on media that I have consumed in 2020 pre and concurrent with the pandemic.