Club Josh

Seven Years is too long

While rummaging around the dark dusty corners of the site in my effort to spruce the place up, I realized that today, May 25, is the 7th anniversary of this design for my site. My intent when I converted to WordPress was to be able to change the site design easily and for one reason or another that never happened. So disappointing in some regards, but I am very particular and fussy about my web site and if someone’s template doesn’t appeal to me or doesn’t fit the what I want, then I can’t be bothered to do it.

However, I am really, really, really working on getting a new design together that will unify the Daily Update, Club House, What’s New and hopefully the Jarre and Trip Diaries sections as well. Trip Diaries as usual is a pain in my side that I really don’t know what to do. I have lots of ambitious plans (literally pages of notes and sketches dating back 20 years) for this section that never materialized. If I am ever going to overhaul and move that section forward, this is the time.

The site anniversary is looming ahead on June 28 and its a race between finishing the redesign and plussing up the content and going back to my day job. At the very least, I am motivated to fix the bones – new templates and fixing existing content and then moving forward with adding the new stuff.