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What a Mess

Another host has bitten the dust and the site has been migrated to a new server. Unfortunately most everything is hosed on the backend. Portions of the site are working (Daily Update, Gorn, Jarre) but others are not (WP theme, my email, Diaries, and ironically the What’s New section). So much on the back end is configured wrong that I am worried I will never get it sorted out. Of course this new service center is located in the UK so who knows when I can get a hold of someone……

I have a trouble ticket opened so here is hoping they can get this fixed…

Update 1: The whole site is back up and running. Apparently the htaccess files were corrupt. All I had to do once I got FTP up and running was to reload the files and everything worked. Still working on the template. There is something weird with the Sitka theme and the fonts are not loading. I tried to re-install the theme with no luck. I might try random templates to see if I can get them to work. Still peeved that the hierarchy is all messed up but I might just have to live with it or if I can make sure I have all of the database content (photos from the WordPress files) I might just backup everything and blow the whole site up and bring it back up in pieces..

Update 2 (9/19/21) – Sigh, I have done nothing to fix the issues. I did help my mom move to a new host and it was super easy so I think I will follow them to the same service – especially since they have a super easy way of migrating databases. My only concern is the three sites that are using WordPress will have to be done carefully to not cross the streams. I guess I should really work on making things more portable. As usual, the Gorn site will be the most difficult and time consuming to migrate and that scares me. I need to prioritize time to fix things but I have little motivation since things are actually working fine on this server.