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The Great Indoors

It has not been a very exciting week. I have been picking up some freelance assignments this week, and it is nice to see things heating up in this area. In bad news, this lady that we were going to take over her apartment decided not to move, so we are back to square one in finding a new apartment.
I managed to check out the new store called The Great Indoors in Burbank. They have massive amounts of things from the home from bidets to glassware to DVD players to carpets. The layout of the store seems a bit cluttered, but I think with a bit more familiarity and a bit of work by them it will be a great store. Their web site could use some work as well.
This week also will probably be the week I get a new car. Still not sure which Honda it will be, but I am pretty sure it will be a Honda. I’m hoping I can get a deal on a CRV, but I will probably end up in a Civic.

Shame on Caltrans, Shame!

One of the links on Mike Seery’s web site is to the now-defunct Highway 17 Page of Shame. It is no longer around which in itself is a shame. The page documented really bad drivers on Highway 17 through the Santa Cruz mountains that this guy would encounter during his commute. Today, it occurred to me that if I started an I-5 Page of Shame that I would put CalTrans on it. You see, in their infinite wisdom, they have been closing 2 lanes of a three lane freeway, arguably one of the most congested in the state, in the middle of the day – tying up traffic for miles. Why they don’t do it in the middle of the night like the other lane closures I’ll never know.

I applied for two positions at the City of Glendale today. Here’s hopin’ that it leads to something good.

I was due to have a good day at DL since the last few days have been really tough – overdue lunches and breaks combined with large crowds. Today, I was rewarded – one of the cast members who works on both my attraction and the Haunted Mansion gave a small group a walk through and I was one of the lucky few. I won’t go into details (after all I wouldn’t want to upset my new best friend Paul Pressler – did I mention I like the tickets?), but it was really, really cool.

Harry Potter and the Holiday Faire

Another busy couple of days. Working two jobs can get to you after awhile and completely drain you if you are not careful. That is why today is a relax day. Disneyland has been going well, though the crowds have started to pick up, and I can only imaging how bad it will be by the end of the holidays. I applied for some new jobs today on monster. I hope something comes up soon, as I need to get a new source of income soon. Money isn’t that tight, but my comfort margin is shrinking a bit faster than I would like. With the holidays approaching I need to be extra careful of how I spend my money.

Friday night we went and saw the Harry Potter movie. Now, I have never read any of the books and I only had a faint idea of what the story was about. That said, I really enjoyed the movie. It was well acted and well balanced and as a newcomer I had no problems following the action.

Saturday was spent at the annual Disney Studios holiday faire. After two years of hearing about it after the fact, I was glad I caught wind of it. I wasn’t really interested in the craft faire, but I always enjoy walking around the studios. I scored a new license plate frame, a sweater and a jacket with Disney Studios logos. Mice was happy to get some pins, and we all ended up getting out picture taken with Mickey and Minnie in Fall outfits.

I really need to start looking for a new apartment as well. I hope we can score a reasonable two bedroom. If not, looks like I’ll be giving more stuff to Goodwill.

Normal? What’s That?

Life is slowly returning to normal, but what will normal become? It is an interesting time to live. It will be a time when, oh, 5 or 6 years down the road, I will be watching the Frontline episode about the events of the past week and say “I remember that”.

My life seems to have lost a week. Tomorrow, I am off to the county fair again. The only difference is that I don’t have to race back for a “Weakest Link” tryout. Full report and evaluation of corn dogs will appear tomorrow. Oh yes, word is that the first season of Twin Peaks is going to be released on DVD soon. Hopefully the full director’s cut of FWWM (Fire Walk With Me – the Twin Peaks Movie) will be coming soon.

Flesh-Eating Big Brother

Another day of non-stop coverage. At least some channels are airing commercials. Something I keep thinking about (besides the events of 11 September, is what the heck is going on in the Big Brother 2 house? Are they just gonna stay there until the networks decide to resume normal broadcasts? Imagine being stuck there with just a hint of what has actually happened. I know it is trivial, but it has been on my mind.

Now for something else. I was reading the September 14-20 issue of Entertainment Today (an LA newspaper not to be confused with Entertainment Weekly) and I found a particularly humorous article in their “News of the Weird” section. I’ll transcribe it here since they haven’t updated their site with the latest articles.

“Two women undergoing C-section births at Evanston (Ill.) Hospital on July 31 received the necrotizing fasciitis (“flesh eating”) bacteria when a surgeon passed gas in the operating room. The Chicago Tribune reported only that the bacteria were present in a surgeon’s intestines and not in a throat culture, and probably entered the patients through the air, but Chicago’s Channel 5 News’ experts carried out the logic and named flatus as the culprit. (The two women, their babies, and the surgeon have been treated and are out of danger.)”

Something to ponder indeed.

We interrupt your life with this special bulletin…

The last time I was awoken up to a major news story was in 1994 for the Northridge Earthquake. A strange feeling. Both of my scheduled activities – a visit to the LA County Fair and my tryout for the Weakest Link were cancelled. I actually got a nice phone call from NBC telling me to stay home.

As someone who is constantly fascinated by media coverage of disasters, it was interesting to see how the events unfolded. To emphasize the severity of the events at the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, and in rural Pennsylvania, one only needs to look beyond the news networks. Channels such as VH1, MTV, TLC, and BET were broadcasting footage from their news counterparts. Home Shopping, QVC, Home and Garden, and Food Network among others only aired messages that said due to the tragedy there would be no programming.

The tragedy has really been brought home by a friend of mine, Chris Lanphere. Chris is an EMT technician in Boston who was on duty when the first plane crashed into the first tower. Soon thereafter, he was sent to New York. Moments ago, he called the house and I spoke to him. He described a scene that is much worse than you see on TV. Hundreds of bodies are outside his emergency room entrance. Everyone is covered in soot. When he was going to the hospital from JFK, he could see people fleeing the city. He says part of the city is without power. I tried to comfort him as much as I could, but what kind of solace can you give someone on the front lines. I just told him that we will be thinking of him and that I hoped that it would be able to give him strength.

Transition is fun

For the last two days, I have been attending career transition classes courtesy of my former employer. It’s actually been quite productive and it is interesting to see other people in the same boat but different circumstances. It further convinces me that if you take the people I know who were recently laid off, you could have a great core staff of a company.

Other than that, I have been fleshing out my resume as well as planning a trip to Chicago to visit Kris before he vamooses to points beyond next month. He has inspired me to expand my search beyond So Cal. Who knows, maybe I’ll be moving overseas? You never know.

June is busting out all over

My goodness is it June already?? Time to get the friends together for a thank god for summer party. Anyone want to host one? Did you know that today is the first day of Winter in the Southern Hemisphere? At least that is what my calendar says. I am not sure I believe it, because all the web site resources I looked at seemed to indicate that the first days of Northern Hemisphere Summer and Southern Hemisphere Winter are the same. Anyone know? Of course in Tahiti, they don’t have summer and winter – just dry and wet.


I am quite fond of Marie Calender’s cornbread. I think it is my mother’s fault since she used to make it when I was in my formitive years. Now why is it that all of the Marie Calenders in my area all get the B rating? I pretty much try and avoid B places, but sometimes….sometimes I get a hankerin’ for the cornbread and gotta go. I guess if I was really motivated, I’d actually make my own. Riiiight.

Crack Whore Painters

I am convinced that the person who decided on the new colors for my apartment building is on crack. We used to have a nice simple building where all the doors were sorta foam green and the exterior walls were a nice yellowish-cream colored. Over the last month or so they have been painting a new scheme: Interior doors to apartments are still foam green, fire doors are still white, but their frame is now dark green; exterior doors are dark green, patio planters that used to match the building are now also dark green; exterior of the building remains yellow-creme; and the best of all – the gate goes from foam green to purple (to match the awning out front).

Tonight’s entertainment is Disney’s The Lion King at the Pantages Theater. Should be a good show – I’ve heard lots of good things about it. Is is better than Mamma Mia? (see March 28) I’ll let ya know.