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v23.4: MT Upgrade and What’s New Revamp

upgraded Movable Type to version 4.12. There were some headaches
yesterday, but I think I have it all sorted out. In the meantime for
some odd reason, I finally started inputting the What’s New Archives
into a new MT web log. So far 1995-1999 are in the new format, with
2000-2008 coming soon. I need to go through the Daily Update and see if
I can cross link some updates that were missed in this section and just
live there so I can have a more complete record. This new version of MT
is way more user friendly than what I am used to, so I think I will
finally get some of my back burner (for 10 years or so) projects done!

v23.0: New Server

A lot has changed in the
last year – most notable where club josh is hosted. Some of the things
missing – Club House photos (old family, parties, and wedding pics) and
a few things here and there. I have added Gorn photos from Hong Kong
and Australia as well as posted some items on Flickr. Since I do have
the Daily Update, I use this page less and less. I will try and go back
through it and see if I can pull some dates and post stuff here. I
still want to put this whole thing In MT – or atleast start from this
version forward. Then again, I have wanted that for several years now
(time flies **sigh**)

v22.0: Search Changes and Minor Tweaks

couple of weeks ago I started changing out Atomz search for Google
search on the site. It has its plusses and minuses but basically Atomz
was only able to index a fraction of the site. Google has the whole
enchilada, but might have some lag time if I start changing things
around. I also started tweaking the Daily Update template. I am
re-learning the ins and outs of the MT code so I can start work on the
MT-powered What’s New section. I was a bit worried with the launch of
MT 3.0 I wasn’t going to be able to do it, but it looks like I will.

v20.5: Daily Update into Movable Type

whole new CMS is launched as I finally finished migrating the archives
into Movable Type. I still am not 100% happy with the result, but I
think it is good enough to go. I will be able to tweak it here and
there over time and I can easily change the look and feel of it on a
whim! (Sometimes I wish the whole website was in a CMS!!). The next
step is to get the PDA and Cell Phone versions of the site to run off
of the files.

v1.9: New Daily Update Archive Index Page

I added an extra page to the archive section of the Daily Update. I
split the archive into years so when you land on the index page, you
get a list of years. Click on a year and you get the months that are
available for that year. I figured if I did it now, I would save myself
some trouble down the road.

v19.7: New Homepage

The 11th version of the
home page has arrived. After much brainstorming and work over the past
few weeks, i have chosen this new homepage. My main reason is to
explain more the different sections so people can find stuff better. Of
course, that meant losing the direct links to the different sub pages,
but some of them, like the Trip Diaries were getting huge. The
condensing of the Daily Update to one entry will also let me
automatically update my VXML site that I have been lacking.

v19.0: TellMe and CCS update

added a whole new way to hear the Daily Update. Just call
1-800-555-TELL (8355). At the menu prompt dial in 1-12138. Then enjoy.
I also did a quick link check and update to the Cyber Surfin’ Safari.
The most important update was the addition of some bookmark links that
I had in my browser that were not up on the site.