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v30.2 – Jarre and WordPress Updates

Updated the Jarrepalooza site to include the treasure of items gained from the three North America concerts I attended as well as the expensive mail order items I received in the last couple of years.

Usual WordPress updates here and there.

Working on a new Gorn Gallery migration from Gallery to Piwigo. It went really smooth and just trying to do a few tweaks here and there before converting the site over. Sitting on a couple of Gorn photos until I get it updated.

v29.95 – Jarre Update

Quick update to the Jarre page to include the acquisitions over the last year or so. Need to take some new photos of the big box sets and the posters. In researching everything that I bought I realized that there was 3 LPs sitting somewhere that I bought. Now I need to track them down…

v28.9 – Gorn, Jarre, and WordPress Update

Added 24 new Gorn photos from Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Also, WordPress auto-updated to 4.3.1 for a security patch.

Also minor update to add the new Jarre singles I have purchased and received with my pre-order of his forthcoming album, Electronica (Parts 1 and 2). It’s his first major body of work since 2007, so its the first time I’ve looked at the Jarre section in awhile. Maybe this will be the time for an update!

v27 – New Server, New CMS, New Look

Huge update to Club Josh. So big I had to skip up to v27 instead of v26.

After a 6 month downtime, the site is back up and running in WordPress. Basically, I chose to convert to WP because of the amount of developers working on it compared to Movable Type. I loved MT, but it was just way too difficult to design a template for the site, especially since I have less and less time to manage the site. However, each design of WP seems to be better and more flexible for my needs. Granted, nothing looks like the way I envisioned it, but it’s good enough to be better than what was dying on the vine a few months ago.

So to sum up the changes:
New Gorn Galleries – converted to v3x of Gallery and added two new galleries as well as some additional ‘lost’ photos. This is what took most of the work in building the site, because it was the one section I wanted to be up and running 100% right off the bat.

New look to Club Josh – Modified the default template until I can create my own or buy a nicer one – there are thousands of them out there and thankfully getting the bones of the site is the hard part and changing themes will be easy.

New Trip Diaries – I have actually installed three different WP installations on my server. Diaries is now it’s own server so I can re-theme it to whatever I want and don’t necessarily need to re-post to the main blog or match. Currently using the Postcard theme from Woo Themes. It’s nice because it adds Maps, but layout leaves a bit to be desired. Gone are all the old Disney Park photos, but hopefully I will be able to add Flickr integration to plus up the old travel diaries. Also need to add my stats back and check to see if there are any other old links from the backups I have missed.

Jarre & Doingworld – Just ported over as is, will need to do something eventually

Club House – the URL had to change since it is now a WP page. Layout is a bit wonky, but I think as I get better at templates, I can create something formatted a bit better. All the old content except for the server info is there.

Surfin’ Safari and Mobile have joined the archives.

v25.2 – Club House and Jarrepalooza Updates

After years, and I mean years of neglect, I finally got around to updating my Jarrepalooza site. First time since 2005!! Shockingly, there were not that many albums to add. Most of the changes were format-wise for ease of use as well as updating some of the ancient 1997 code and the links that went to sites that have not existed. All the links are now up to date. Also, added my MP3 albums that were not on the site before. (I totally forgot that my Mobile site was updated back in 2008, and I just never updated the web site!)

As for the Club House, it was redesigned, ditching the old format and now conforms to the Main Page and Daily Update sites (go figure since the Daily Update is technically part of the Club House). Instead of linking to old parties and outdated information, I decided to make it more of an “about/table of contents” page than I originally intended when I started this page in 2002. However, now that the site is 15 years old, I decided to give some history behind the sites and the technical aspects of it.

It still has my newly updated Biography and links to other sites I have featured, and my new favorite which is a list of current sections of the site as well as those long gone, but not forgotten sections.

Next up, I need to create a new banner image to replace the January 2009 one!

Mobile Edition v2.0: Relaunch! has officially launched today! I decided to ditch the Lite name for the ever popular Mobile name.

The structure from the old PDA site is still there, but now can be read on most modern cell phone browsers. I have also optimized the site for iPhones, but still want to create an iPhone specific site that can use all of the features and functionality that the platform allows.

I have also updated the Jarre section to reflect the CDs, Singles, and Videos I have aquired over the last few years (now just need to update the actual Jarrepalooza Web Site). Right now, the Daily Update is just what appears on the Main Index page of the Club Josh Web Version. I still need to figure out how to generate Mobile-Friendly archives so you can browse the whole enchilada, but then again, I don’t think people really want to do that, so we shall see if it gets done. Maybe in another 5 years.

I will be adding the new Trip Diaries for 2002-2008 as soon as I finish cutting and pasting from the Daily Update.

v21.7: So Long Web Side Story

Apparently, decided to discontinue their free web stats tool. According
to their site, they sent out emails, but since I have been with them
since August 27, 1997, I am sure they sent it to the wrong address. Bad
News? Five years of data is down the drain. I’m not sad because it was
something neat to look at, but I never followed it closely. Also, since
I started in 1999 I have had server stats anyways. The
good news is that my main issue with migrating all the photos to
gallery has been resolved. I no longer need to worry about stats
tracking. I have managed to remove all of those annoying casino banners
with the exception of some of the old Gorn and Party photo galleries.
Since I will be migrating, I decided not to sit here and go through
each gallery. Of course If I am surfing on the site I will be sure to
remove it when I see it. I also managed to quickly update my Jarre
collection. Man, that section needs some TLC!!

v18.9: Minor cleanup

did some link cleanup on the site today. In the Trip Diaries section, I
noticed that the link to the Diaries index page for 1996 and 1997 were
pointing to the wrong place. I also decided to add a link to the Gorn
pictures for the corresponding years. In Jarrepalooza, I fixed the link
to the Ultra Fancy Jarre list so that it no longer opens in a window. I
intend to fix up that page and eliminate the text listing in the near
future. Traffic to Club Josh continues to skyrocket. Who knew that the
Charo pictures would be the #1 section. I guess people are no longer
interested in 5 year old pictures of Disneyland Paris (though it
continues to get some decent numbers) Guess I need to go back soon. I
also fixed some of the redirects on the old JPS site so that they no
longer auto-forward. Those pages expire on 6-17-01 so if you are still
bookmarking them, now is the time to update the links.

v17.1: The new What’s New section is here!!

this will help you find out the latest goings-ons for the different
versions easier. It will also allow me to add What’s new sections to
the different sites. In other news, I added META tags to Jarrepalooza
so it will be indexed better on the search engines. It looks like sites
like Google are focusing on the Trip Diaries and ignoring the other
sections. Hopefully some tweaking here and there will help.

v1.3: Added Jarrepalooza

This section contains a list of my Jarre collection as well as links to
the cover images. There seem to be a few sync problems. Sometime when I
sync the site certain pages are unavailable. I’ll pass on what the deal
is when I figure it out.