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v31.0 – 25th Anniversary Refresh

Finally! After seven years, the design of the main site has been refreshed using the Sitka Theme. This coincides with the 25th anniversary on June 28. Still tweaking the graphics and some small things here and there, but for the most part it is done. I also slapped some paint on the Jarrepalooza page so it doesn’t slap you in the face when you click on the nav links.

Just to sum up all that has happened on the site since March 13, 2020:

  • Added 19 Gorn Photos
  • Fixed the page layouts and paragraph spacing of all entries of Daily Update, Trip Diaries, and What’s New
  • Fixed all the old Instagram links that were broken
  • Removed most of the Flickr Links (the rest should be done shortly)
  • Added photos to all of the Trip Diaries
  • Added new Trip Diaries: Japan October 2004, Utah 2013, Asia 2015, Japan 2017, and Caribbean Cruise 2017
  • Uploaded new templates for Trip Diaries, What’s New and Main Site
  • Refreshed the Jarrepalooza Page
  • Updated Club House text

Some of the stuff that I did not finish that I will hopefully get to it over the next couple of weeks (or months or decades):

  • New logo package. Late add for the anniversary, hope to do some graphics work to freshen up the “ClubJosh” old reliable burgundy and blue logo.
  • Integrate Jarrepalooza into the main site template.
  • Add more Trip Diaries from Drafts: Salt to Sky 2019, Borneo 2015, and misc 2016 trips
  • Fix all of the photos on the Daily Update (especially the Instagram entries) to be feature photos so it will show up on the template. I managed to get to September 2017 but still a long way to go. I also need to re-upload a lot of photos so that the template can create a thumbnail that is uniform. There is a weird glitch where if the photo is too large it causes issues. I dealt with this on the Trip Diaries work, but there are way more Daily Update entries to fix so this might take a while…Add category photos to all of the entries on the What’s New page – I played with a couple of examples and I am not really sure its worth the effort..
  • Add Instagram Photos from October 2010-June 2013. Super, super low priority
  • Fix remaining Flickr links so they are local hosted images