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v17.3: Getting ready for 2001

changed the copyrights on most of the pages to 2001. I left the
copyrights on the trip diaries the same, I think I will update them as
needed. I also renamed the Gorn Page from Gorn Page 2000 to Gorn Page
2001. The Home Page also got re-named to Club Josh 2001. I also put up
the first redesign of the SeaGranite site. Basically cleaned it up a

v14.7: New SeaGranite design, More movie reviews

put up the Quickie Review for an assortment of movies. Also completed
the redesign of the SeaGranite Multimedia site. Next up: The Trip
Diaries, those Gorn pictures I keep neglecting, and the Friends and
Family Page makeover. Thigs have been busy, busy, busy! Sheesh I
promised the Gorn pics 2 months ago… Oh well… I have pics from A-V
Day ’99 as well that I will post when I redesign the party pics
page…If you don’t see them soon, send me an e-mail and tell me to get
with it!!! Oh yeah, I registered so check it out!!

v14.3: New Charo site, SeaGranite spruce-up

Stats problem was finally fixed. Charo section got a much-needed
makeover. I am going to scan some new pics to add to it. Also, I have
an additional Gorn Pic or two on a roll of film that I need to develop.
I was a bit disappointed with the new Charo meets Gorn pics, but I will
post them anyways. Other than that a few minor tweaks here and there,
but not much else. I did add some stuff to the SeaGranite Multimedia
page so check it out if you haven’t in a while. Just 3 more weeks until
the Gorn goes to Hawaii!! Oh yeah, I got rid of the garish background
on the MCRR page.

v14.0: 3rd Anniversary & new home

Complete rehab of the Club Josh site. The main page has been renamed, and various misc. updates have been made because:
We moved!! That’s right. We are now at Access times should be faster. We had to say goodbye to our SeaGranite Online
Video Guide, but added links to the trip diaries and SeaGranite Multimedia. Some directory structures were also changed, so
make sure that your bookmarks are all updated. It is also our 3rd Anniversary. Thanks again to everyone for visiting my page!