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v20.9: Charo Site Update

Added a news
archive page to the Charo section so that the site has a place other
than the latest updates section of the homepage. This way the section
does not make the page scroll all the way down. I also replaced the
links to the now defunct Charo Party Pictures page to the News Archive
page. It is still hard to believe that the whole Charo section started
out as a place to put my party pictures, and now it is a fan site. If
you still managed to hit the Charo Party Pics page, there is a link to
the Club House.

v20.0: Charo Home Page Quickie

In a fit of
energy in the middle of doing something else, I decided to redo the
Charo home page to match the Gorn and Trip Diary pages and make the
background white and add the header. This style is what I am trying to
convert all of the sub-homepages of the site to. I think it is an
efficient and clean way to get to the meat and potatoes of the
sections. I just need to get the Jarre page into alignment and finish
the Club House and it will be pretty much done.

v19.6: Charo Pic update

I redesigned the
Charo photo page to match the rest of the redesigned Charo site. I also
added some new photos from Dave Michaels. I have some more photos on
the laptop and hope to get some more on soon. I have continued to tweak
the discography and filmography pages as the information comes in, but
nothing major.

v19.4: Charo has expanded!

section of the site has been expanded and restyled to include a
filmography and discography. I also formatted it similar to the Gorn
page. I didn’t quite get around to re-doing the concert pics page, but
I decided to go ahead and put up the info that I had. I have some more
groovy pics of Charo to add to that section and I need to change it to
that heartwarming orange.

v14.3: New Charo site, SeaGranite spruce-up

Stats problem was finally fixed. Charo section got a much-needed
makeover. I am going to scan some new pics to add to it. Also, I have
an additional Gorn Pic or two on a roll of film that I need to develop.
I was a bit disappointed with the new Charo meets Gorn pics, but I will
post them anyways. Other than that a few minor tweaks here and there,
but not much else. I did add some stuff to the SeaGranite Multimedia
page so check it out if you haven’t in a while. Just 3 more weeks until
the Gorn goes to Hawaii!! Oh yeah, I got rid of the garish background
on the MCRR page.

v14.15: Charo Album Cover

Added scan of Charo’s Guitar Passion CD that Charo herself autographed!! Look for an update of the Charo page with
pictures from the July 18, 1998 concert at the Nugget in Reno! Hopefully, the new Gorn & Charo pics come out well!!

v13.4: Gorn/Charo updates

Finally, I have all 20 pictures of the Gorn in Europe 1998 up and on
the web. In addition to that, there are three pictures from the
Gorn’s trip to the Avenue of the Giants in Redwood National Park in the
North American section. Also added three pictures from 1998’s
Day Party. That should bring the web site up to date for now. I have a
series of “Retro” pictures to put on the web, and also I hope to
re-scan some of the really old Gorn pictures from pre-1995 (well, OK if
I have nothing better to do).

v12.0: Guestbook Returns, Updated Cyber Surfin’ Safari, and Evolution

Gorn, Main Page, Charo, and Disneyland Paris pages to add the new
guestbook, brought to you by the good folks at LPAGE.COM. Hey,
its free what can I say. Feel free to drop me notes and all sorts of
words of encouragement. Photo news: I am currently in the process of
OLD family photos (like from the 50’s to the 70’s) some of them might
just make their way here. Some family members are paranoid, so I will
have to
be selective, but look for more goofy pics of me as a kid, and the
comparison of My Bro and his Kid at similar ages. Also updated the
Cyber Surfin’
Safari for the first time since July 31! Also added screen shots of the
old doing pages on a new page called “Evolution”

v10.6: New pictures online

Gorn pictures added from my trips to Universal Studios, Reno, and Las Vegas. Also there are new pictures of
Charo!! on the Charo party pic home page. Also added a picture of Knuckles & Chaos, and Me at the ET ride at Universal
to the Josh’s File Section Page. I am also working on redesigning the buttons on the homepage. I am starting to take the
counters off of the pages because after the last file server crash, all of them lost about 200 hits.