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v12.0: Guestbook Returns, Updated Cyber Surfin’ Safari, and Evolution

Updated Gorn, Main Page, Charo, and Disneyland Paris pages to add the new guestbook, brought to you by the good folks at LPAGE.COM. Hey, its free what can I say. Feel free to drop me notes and all sorts of words of encouragement.

Photo news: I am currently in the process of scanning OLD family photos (like from the 50’s to the 70’s) some of them might just make their way here. Some family members are paranoid, so I will have to be selective, but look for more goofy pics of me as a kid, and the comparison of My Bro and his Kid at similar ages.

Also updated the Cyber Surfin’ Safari for the first time since July 31! Also added screen shots of the old doing pages on a new page called “Evolution”