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v30.3 – WordPress Update and Trip Diary Template

In the process of doing the site wide WordPress update, I decided to ditch the postcard theme for the Trip Diaries. One of the things I liked the most about this template was the Google Map integration. Google has now broken the API that allowed me to use it so there was no reason to keep it. I switched to a generic 2014 free WP theme and had to do some quick edits to make it not fall apart.

On my to do list is always to finish adding photos and updating new trips. It’s been a few years so we shall see what decade this gets done.

v27.9 – Japan 2004 Ten Years Later

After 10 years, I finally finished transcribing my March 2004 Japan trip. One of those things that has slipped through the cracks. My Europe 2002 trip took 7 years to make it to the site, and this one took 10 – even though parts of it started appearing awhile ago. The October trip is another conundrum. I want to put something on the site, but I have zero notes from that trip other than a brief timeline written out. I will try something new and do a photo collection with brief notes and hopefully I will be motivated to do it before the 10th anniversary of that trip in October.

I still have last year’s Utah trip which also has zero notes, but is fresher in the memory so I should be able to put something together – even if it is in the photo/quick notes format.

I also did a quick modification to the template so that the diaries are displayed in forward chronological order for easier reading. This is contrary to how most blogs are laid out and I had to modify the template for the next and previous text links at the bottom of the archive page so it made sense.

Next up for the site is probably a new template, but also I am going to add select photos to the blog entries and possibly even whole galleries of photos from the trip (Europe 2007 will be a killer..) to make it more readable and enjoyable.

My blog-a-day keeps going and through today hasn’t missed a day! Woo hoo!

v27.5 – Copyright, 404, and Gorn updates

I’ve updated the copyrights (remember those?) for the site. I totally blanked out and forgot to do it. I think that because the site was a hot mess last year and not functioning well I skipped the 2013 update so there were still parts of the site that were reading 2012. So I’ve updated the Gorn copyrights and the Gallery ones. The WordPress ones look like they update automatically so thankfully it is one less thing I have to worry about.

Also, I updated the 404 page on the main Club Josh WordPress install. Apparently if you get an error on any of the sites, it goes to the main 404 page. So I broke out links to the Gorn search engine and the Trip Diaries main page to hopefully help out the three people that still are trying to find old photos of the Gorn with Charo.

Speaking of Gorn, added a new Gallery of the Gorn in Joshua Tree NP as well as adding the corresponding 2014 links to the North American page, updating the list of places the Gorn has been as well as a completely random change to the Tahiti cover photo on the Oceania page. Finally took off the generic picture of Bora Bora and added a photo of the Gorn overlooking Papeete Harbor. I also fixed a problem with the old Celebrity redirect which apparently was non-functional.

v27 – New Server, New CMS, New Look

Huge update to Club Josh. So big I had to skip up to v27 instead of v26.

After a 6 month downtime, the site is back up and running in WordPress. Basically, I chose to convert to WP because of the amount of developers working on it compared to Movable Type. I loved MT, but it was just way too difficult to design a template for the site, especially since I have less and less time to manage the site. However, each design of WP seems to be better and more flexible for my needs. Granted, nothing looks like the way I envisioned it, but it’s good enough to be better than what was dying on the vine a few months ago.

So to sum up the changes:
New Gorn Galleries – converted to v3x of Gallery and added two new galleries as well as some additional ‘lost’ photos. This is what took most of the work in building the site, because it was the one section I wanted to be up and running 100% right off the bat.

New look to Club Josh – Modified the default template until I can create my own or buy a nicer one – there are thousands of them out there and thankfully getting the bones of the site is the hard part and changing themes will be easy.

New Trip Diaries – I have actually installed three different WP installations on my server. Diaries is now it’s own server so I can re-theme it to whatever I want and don’t necessarily need to re-post to the main blog or match. Currently using the Postcard theme from Woo Themes. It’s nice because it adds Maps, but layout leaves a bit to be desired. Gone are all the old Disney Park photos, but hopefully I will be able to add Flickr integration to plus up the old travel diaries. Also need to add my stats back and check to see if there are any other old links from the backups I have missed.

Jarre & Doingworld – Just ported over as is, will need to do something eventually

Club House – the URL had to change since it is now a WP page. Layout is a bit wonky, but I think as I get better at templates, I can create something formatted a bit better. All the old content except for the server info is there.

Surfin’ Safari and Mobile have joined the archives.

Mobile Edition v2.8 – Added Pennsylvania 2010 Trip Diaries

Added short but sweet Trip Diary from Pennsylvania 2010. Also fixed an issue with the What’s New template on the Mobile Site. Apparently it broke when I upgraded and had to rebuild the include from scratch.

As I am working on it, it is clear that I can make this process simpler if I can figure out how to generate the Mobile site completely from within MT. Someday…

v24.75 – More Minor tweaks

I updated the Trip Diaries main page with some new stats for countries and continents and changed the Upcoming Travels section. Still looking for that major redesign!

Also updated the site-wide copyright files to 2010! I have a nagging feeling that somewhere I have forgotten a gallery page that has the wrong data, but I will check it out throughout the year.

I also in the last week have added nav links at the top of the What’s New page to make it easier to get back to the main Club Josh site.

v24.5 – Gorn and Trip Diary Update

Added 63 new Gorn photos of the Southeast USA from my recent trip. Updated North America page as well as the index page to reflect the addition.

On the Trip Diaries page, I updated my state count list as well as my forthcoming trip list. Sure need to finish that redesign so all the Diaries on the mobile site can be converted to web sites!! I also added links to the full Flickr gallery for my trip.