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v30.1 – Gorn and WordPress Updates

WordPress is now current to 4.9.1

Added 25 new Gorn photos from the Caribbean Islands of St Lucia, Martinique, St Kitts, Antigua, and St Thomas. The 25th Anniversary of the Gorn passed without fanfare. A bit disappointed, but there is always time to redesign.

Also updated the Gorn copyrights and a few others on the site that I could find.

v30.0 – Gorn Update

Added 11 new photos from Japan to the Gorn Page

Site is now running WordPress 4.8.2 (although it has been since September. I can’t keep up with the automatic updates and I haven’t really done much developing this year so I was surprised it has been so long.)

I really wanted to save 30.0 for some big update, but just another incremental one. Should have one or two more Gorn galleries before the end of the year, but probably not the redesign I want. Converting the galleries to something newer and more robust will take a lot of time and just don’t have it at the moment…

v29.9 – Gorn and WordPress again

Updated the WordPress to version 4.7 and all associated templates and such.

Also added three galleries to the Gorn Page:
8 photos from Shanghai Tower – the final Asian gallery from 2015-2016 living overseas.
4 photos from Silverton Colorado and New Mexico
7 photos from the Lowell Observatory in Arizona
In addition, I manually updated the copyrights to the Gorn pages to 2017

Not sure when the next overseas Gorn trip will be, but I realized that 2017 will be the 25th anniversary of the Gorn traveling the world so priority 1 will be the site redesign and database conversion for the Gorn site! Hope I can get it done..

v29.2 – Gorn and WordPress Update

The automatic updater updated all the sites to 4.4.1 for a Security and Maintenance release on January 6.

I also added 20 new Gorn photos from Harbin, China and the Snow and Ice festivals there. Also, I fixed the copyright issues with some of the Gorn pages and Galleries. Not sure how to fix this nagging SSI issue I have had since moving to my current host. I need to do some noodling around on their support site to see how I can enable them. In the meantime we are stuck updating the Gallery template and the individual pages. Thankfully the rest of the site is in WordPress and that updates automatically..

v29.1 – Gorn Update

It’s been a banner travel year for the Gorn!

For the 9th Gorn update in 2015, added 6 new photos from Hangzhou, China and 23 new photos from Borneo – including Brunei, Malaysia, and Survivor Island..

v29.0 – Gorn Update

Added 36 photos of my recent trip to Xi’an and Beijing including the famous Terracotta Warriors as well as the Great Wall of China, Summer Palace, Tiananmen Square, and the Forbidden City. All of these are famous landmarks of China that was on my bucket list for being here.

Next up: Malaysia in two weeks!