Gorn / Web Edition

v31.5 – Gorn Update

It’s the first update in a year to the site! Added 84 new photos to the site from a trip to Super Nintendo World as well as from a Transatlantic cruise from New York to Barcelona. I’ve never done a trip across continents before, so for the Gorn page I had to break them up to North American and European sites. There is a new Trip Diary gestating as well which will be fairly long due to the length of my trip. This is the longest vacation I have taken since 2007 and it was nice to get away. Unfortunately, I was ill during the last week of the trip so I lost a lot of motivation to write out the trip, but I did take good notes. Hopefully, when I get some downtime or just need to write I will get it done.

As for the rest of the site, it just sits there waiting for motivation. Not much going on as I still am stuck on trying to get back in the habit of posting as well as the usual wanting to redesign/simplify and figure out what this site should look like. One thing I did during the trip was posting Instagram Stories, but alas, I did not archive all of them, but at least the same images will get posted once I have the diaries written out.