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v16.1: More moving

Most of the website has either
been temporarily disconnected or moved over to the new site. I still
need to put up redirects for some of the smaller pages. The Resume and
Movie Czar Reel Reviews have been mothballed along with the Friends
& Family pics (anyone remember them??). I do plan on bringing them
back at a future date. The old Club Josh site
( will go offline in June of 2001 so be
sure to update those bookmarks. Some websites have marked certain pages
and for one reason or another, never update their links. Oh well. One
weekend I am just gonna redesign the whole dang site. Just you wait.
(just don’t hold your breath!)

v15.15: Star Wars Episode 1 Review, Surfari update

review for the new Star Wars movie to the MCRR area. Funny thing
happened on my way to add the gorn pictures and all that: I found a new
job! Over the next couple of weeks I will be moving and stuff, but
since I won’t have cable for awhile at the new place maybe I’ll get
some web stuff done! I also uploaded the latest version of the Cyber
Surfin’ Safari so I can keep my web links as I move.

v14.7: New SeaGranite design, More movie reviews

put up the Quickie Review for an assortment of movies. Also completed
the redesign of the SeaGranite Multimedia site. Next up: The Trip
Diaries, those Gorn pictures I keep neglecting, and the Friends and
Family Page makeover. Thigs have been busy, busy, busy! Sheesh I
promised the Gorn pics 2 months ago… Oh well… I have pics from A-V
Day ’99 as well that I will post when I redesign the party pics
page…If you don’t see them soon, send me an e-mail and tell me to get
with it!!! Oh yeah, I registered so check it out!!

v14.6: Prince of Egypt Award Winning Review

Prince of Egypt review won an award from the Sacramento Bee for its
Online Movie Club (It should be posted on their site for the next few
weeks)! That is the 5th award the MCRR has received since its
inception.. A review for Patch Adams and Shakespeare in Love will be
coming soon. The new pictures page reorganization is almost done. More
pics of the Gorn soon including Phoenix, and Cabazon!

v14.3: New Charo site, SeaGranite spruce-up

Stats problem was finally fixed. Charo section got a much-needed
makeover. I am going to scan some new pics to add to it. Also, I have
an additional Gorn Pic or two on a roll of film that I need to develop.
I was a bit disappointed with the new Charo meets Gorn pics, but I will
post them anyways. Other than that a few minor tweaks here and there,
but not much else. I did add some stuff to the SeaGranite Multimedia
page so check it out if you haven’t in a while. Just 3 more weeks until
the Gorn goes to Hawaii!! Oh yeah, I got rid of the garish background
on the MCRR page.

v14.1: Java button redux & MCRR

the newly designed Java buttons to interlaced graphics and forced the
main page background to white. Some IE users were getting gray
backgrounds and it looked goofy. Also some IE users will notice the
table looks funky. Oh well, I guess you need to get Netscape, or I need
to learn IE Table definitions better.. also added reviews for X-Files
and Mulan. Also updated link to Friends of Disney Alliance (tho’ they
haven’t updated my link in a year!)

v13.6: Jarre/Gorn/Movie Reviews

Jarre collection to reflect the fact I now own “Odyssey through O2” and
Rendezvous ’98. Also added a link to a fine Trek page on the Gorn Link
page. Also added a movie review for “The Truman Show”. I still have far
too much to do, but I have some pics of the New Tomorrowland at
Disneyland as well as my most recent visit to Las Vegas. So stay