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v1.9: New Daily Update Archive Index Page

I added an extra page to the archive section of the Daily Update. I
split the archive into years so when you land on the index page, you
get a list of years. Click on a year and you get the months that are
available for that year. I figured if I did it now, I would save myself
some trouble down the road.

v1.7: Split up PDA site

You can now download sections of the PDA site instead of the whole
thing. Due to the growth of the Daily Update, the PDA download for Club
Josh has gotten to the point where it needed to be broken up. You can
get a list of all the ones available at: Of course if you still
want to, you can download the whole thing as well.

v18.8: PDA section expanded

of just one link on the homepage and a few others scattered about, Club
Josh users can now select which channel they want for their PDAs. The
main download is becoming so huge that older PDA’s can’t hold the whole
thing. Those of you with 8MB Visors or Pocket PCs can still get the
whole thing.

v1.4: Added Europe 1996

The PDA site is now almost 400k with all the text and graphics. Thus, I
figured out why the sync process was skipping sections. When the sync
reaches the Max size limit (originally 100k) it just stops. I updated
the link on the homepage to max the buffer at 400k. I think I will
begin to offer the PDA site in components as well as the entire
enchilada. Some of the Chapter menus are pretty basic. When I did the
WDW pages, I played around with adding descriptions similar to the
Mobile site. I haven’t decided which version I like the best.

v1.3: Added Jarrepalooza

This section contains a list of my Jarre collection as well as links to
the cover images. There seem to be a few sync problems. Sometime when I
sync the site certain pages are unavailable. I’ll pass on what the deal
is when I figure it out.