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Mobile Edition v2.9 – Fixed Daily Update Template

A byproduct of the redesign of the Daily Update Archives and the tweak to the homepage was that the Daily Update on the mobile site went horribly wrong. I spent some time re-doing this section so that it looks nice and follows the same style guidelines as the rest of the site. I wanted to create a new logo for the Daily Update, but instead went text based and just re-used the graphic from the mobile site index page.

I do need to update that photo though!

Mobile Edition v2.8 – Added Pennsylvania 2010 Trip Diaries

Added short but sweet Trip Diary from Pennsylvania 2010. Also fixed an issue with the What’s New template on the Mobile Site. Apparently it broke when I upgraded and had to rebuild the include from scratch.

As I am working on it, it is clear that I can make this process simpler if I can figure out how to generate the Mobile site completely from within MT. Someday…

Mobile Edition v2.5: Massive Trip Diary Update!

The largest expansion of the mobile site in Club Josh history!

First the non-diary stuff: I updated the banner on the main index to match the web edition, and I added a new link to my Twitter feed which is also found on the home page of the web edition. I also cleaned up the fonts on Diaries and What’s New pages. I left jarrepalooza alone, I think it will be removed at some point..

And now the Diary stuff: I have added 5 new Trip Diaries from Europe 2002 to Alberta 2008! Along with the new additions, I have re-formatted the entire Diaries section so that they all have the same look and feel. I removed the link to WDW 2003 since I did not like the link to a random photo gallery.

Europe 2002 is the biggest addition, since this is a long-thought lost diary that I had to re-interpret some old notes for the last few days of the trip. This update makes the mobile site more up-to-date than the regular site. But now that the includes are all in place, I will be able to push the redesign of the web version of the Trip Diaries.

Another change: The Diaries on the mobile site are now “Club Josh Trip Diaries” to keep the branding consistent. This change will make it into the new web site as well.

Next up: Links to the Mobile Flickr site for the diaries that have Flickr galleries!

Mobile Edition v2.1: Plussing Up

I have plussed up the home page of the Mobile site in an effort to make it look more like the regular Club Josh site. I have tested it on my iPhone and it looks great. I also tested it on a Blackberry 7520 and it looks OK, but apparently that version of the Blackberry browser does not support tables.

I also changed out the circa 2000 photo of me in a tie next to the Club House link to a circa 2007 photo of me in Scotland. Due to the change on the mobile site, I moved it to the regular site as well.

Also, I managed to add the first new Trip Diary in 7 years! Australia 2006 is now on the site and ready to go! I had to do some editing of the Diary entries to get it to work, but finally it is here. Of course, I just copied the old format -no plussing here. Hopefully that will come at some point.

Mobile Edition v2.0: Relaunch! has officially launched today! I decided to ditch the Lite name for the ever popular Mobile name.

The structure from the old PDA site is still there, but now can be read on most modern cell phone browsers. I have also optimized the site for iPhones, but still want to create an iPhone specific site that can use all of the features and functionality that the platform allows.

I have also updated the Jarre section to reflect the CDs, Singles, and Videos I have aquired over the last few years (now just need to update the actual Jarrepalooza Web Site). Right now, the Daily Update is just what appears on the Main Index page of the Club Josh Web Version. I still need to figure out how to generate Mobile-Friendly archives so you can browse the whole enchilada, but then again, I don’t think people really want to do that, so we shall see if it gets done. Maybe in another 5 years.

I will be adding the new Trip Diaries for 2002-2008 as soon as I finish cutting and pasting from the Daily Update.