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v27 – New Server, New CMS, New Look

Huge update to Club Josh. So big I had to skip up to v27 instead of v26.

After a 6 month downtime, the site is back up and running in WordPress. Basically, I chose to convert to WP because of the amount of developers working on it compared to Movable Type. I loved MT, but it was just way too difficult to design a template for the site, especially since I have less and less time to manage the site. However, each design of WP seems to be better and more flexible for my needs. Granted, nothing looks like the way I envisioned it, but it’s good enough to be better than what was dying on the vine a few months ago.

So to sum up the changes:
New Gorn Galleries – converted to v3x of Gallery and added two new galleries as well as some additional ‘lost’ photos. This is what took most of the work in building the site, because it was the one section I wanted to be up and running 100% right off the bat.

New look to Club Josh – Modified the default template until I can create my own or buy a nicer one – there are thousands of them out there and thankfully getting the bones of the site is the hard part and changing themes will be easy.

New Trip Diaries – I have actually installed three different WP installations on my server. Diaries is now it’s own server so I can re-theme it to whatever I want and don’t necessarily need to re-post to the main blog or match. Currently using the Postcard theme from Woo Themes. It’s nice because it adds Maps, but layout leaves a bit to be desired. Gone are all the old Disney Park photos, but hopefully I will be able to add Flickr integration to plus up the old travel diaries. Also need to add my stats back and check to see if there are any other old links from the backups I have missed.

Jarre & Doingworld – Just ported over as is, will need to do something eventually

Club House – the URL had to change since it is now a WP page. Layout is a bit wonky, but I think as I get better at templates, I can create something formatted a bit better. All the old content except for the server info is there.

Surfin’ Safari and Mobile have joined the archives.

v19.0: TellMe and CCS update

added a whole new way to hear the Daily Update. Just call
1-800-555-TELL (8355). At the menu prompt dial in 1-12138. Then enjoy.
I also did a quick link check and update to the Cyber Surfin’ Safari.
The most important update was the addition of some bookmark links that
I had in my browser that were not up on the site.

v15.5: Cyber Sufin’ Safari Updated

Checked all the links on the Sufin’ Safari to see which ones still worked. Amazing how many links
change in the course of 8 months. Well its the year 2000, and I must say I am a bit disappointed I still
have a balance on my credit card. I was hoping it would all disappear. Oh well :). Hope everyone had a great
New Year’s!! I also added a new pic of me with a BMW Z8 at the LA Auto Show.

v15.15: Star Wars Episode 1 Review, Surfari update

review for the new Star Wars movie to the MCRR area. Funny thing
happened on my way to add the gorn pictures and all that: I found a new
job! Over the next couple of weeks I will be moving and stuff, but
since I won’t have cable for awhile at the new place maybe I’ll get
some web stuff done! I also uploaded the latest version of the Cyber
Surfin’ Safari so I can keep my web links as I move.

v14.3a: Josh is a slacker, Surfin’ Safari Update

can’t believe that it has been that long since I have updated the
pages. I have the pictures from Hawaii waiting to be scanned, including
numerous Gorn ones. I am going to be creating new sections and
redecorating soon. In the next week, I should have ample time.
Meanwhile, as a teaser, I updated the Cyber Surfin Safari for the first
time since May.

v12.0: Guestbook Returns, Updated Cyber Surfin’ Safari, and Evolution

Gorn, Main Page, Charo, and Disneyland Paris pages to add the new
guestbook, brought to you by the good folks at LPAGE.COM. Hey,
its free what can I say. Feel free to drop me notes and all sorts of
words of encouragement. Photo news: I am currently in the process of
OLD family photos (like from the 50’s to the 70’s) some of them might
just make their way here. Some family members are paranoid, so I will
have to
be selective, but look for more goofy pics of me as a kid, and the
comparison of My Bro and his Kid at similar ages. Also updated the
Cyber Surfin’
Safari for the first time since July 31! Also added screen shots of the
old doing pages on a new page called “Evolution”

v7.8: Club Josh Cyber Surfin’ Safari! is here

Updated bookmarks (first time since Oct!) changed its name to the Club Josh Cyber Surfin Safari!. Look for more
pictures in the Josh’s File Section soon. I will also begin cleaning up
that page and deleting some of the older files. Stay tuned!! There is a
chance that I will move to a different web server and thus change the URL
of the page. I will post any announcements on the web page as soon as anything
happens. I also added a java applet which allows text to be displayed at
the bottom of the screen when you try and look at link.

v7.0: More Shameless Self Promotion and New Bookmarks

Added more exciting details about me to the All about me page. Also updated my bookmarks. I got back my pictures of
the Gorn in Colorado and the “Cootchie Cootchie Hawaiian Style!”
birthday party. I was disappointed that we wern’t able to provide quicktime
screen grabs, but hey, I am still new to this technology thing. Anyways
the new pics should be available in the next few weeks.