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v18.9: Minor cleanup

I did some link cleanup on the site today. In the Trip Diaries section, I noticed that the link to the Diaries index page for 1996 and 1997 were pointing to the wrong place.

I also decided to add a link to the Gorn pictures for the corresponding years.

In Jarrepalooza, I fixed the link to the Ultra Fancy Jarre list so that it no longer opens in a window. I intend to fix up that page and eliminate the text listing in the near future.

Traffic to Club Josh continues to skyrocket. Who knew that the Charo pictures would be the #1 section. I guess people are no longer interested in 5 year old pictures of Disneyland Paris (though it continues to get some decent numbers) Guess I need to go back soon.

I also fixed some of the redirects on the old JPS site so that they no longer auto-forward. Those pages expire on 6-17-01 so if you are still bookmarking them, now is the time to update the links.