Club House / Jarrepalooza / Web Edition

v25.2 – Club House and Jarrepalooza Updates

After years, and I mean years of neglect, I finally got around to updating my Jarrepalooza site. First time since 2005!! Shockingly, there were not that many albums to add. Most of the changes were format-wise for ease of use as well as updating some of the ancient 1997 code and the links that went to sites that have not existed. All the links are now up to date. Also, added my MP3 albums that were not on the site before. (I totally forgot that my Mobile site was updated back in 2008, and I just never updated the web site!)

As for the Club House, it was redesigned, ditching the old format and now conforms to the Main Page and Daily Update sites (go figure since the Daily Update is technically part of the Club House). Instead of linking to old parties and outdated information, I decided to make it more of an “about/table of contents” page than I originally intended when I started this page in 2002. However, now that the site is 15 years old, I decided to give some history behind the sites and the technical aspects of it.

It still has my newly updated Biography and links to other sites I have featured, and my new favorite which is a list of current sections of the site as well as those long gone, but not forgotten sections.

Next up, I need to create a new banner image to replace the January 2009 one!