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Todays Walk

Another walk around the city today to stretch my legs and get out of the house. As of today, Daniel and I have walked over 39 miles since the Stay at Home began back in March. It’s really not a lot, but I am glad we are doing something and hope to continue going out a couple of times a week when life resumes. We carry masks with us at all times, and wear them in areas we know there are people around. Thankfully, we have some trails that do not have a lot of people so I can take it off for a bit to re-adjust and air out the breath moisture.

I can’t believe its been 16 weeks since I’ve stayed home. I’ve settled into a rhythm and for the most part keep myself entertained. I was hoping by now we would be well on the road to the “new normal” where we could interact with people, but I guess too many people don’t like the rules. I am not surprised really, but for sure disappointed.

I hope everyone is staying safe and smart – wear a mask when you go out, wash your hands, and for the most part stay home!