Daily Update / Web Edition

v27.2 – Random Headers

Something I have been wanting to do since 1999ish was to do random headers on the site. Today, I’ve launched 5 new headers bringing the total to 6! They are:

Los Angeles from Griffith Observatory – this is the one the redesign launched with and was taken at the observatory near sunset the day of the gathering to remember Huell Howser.

Newport Beach – Taken near the Newport pier, looking north

Death Valley – From my March 2013 trip to Death Valley, this one was taken near Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes

Bay Bridge – From May 2013, View of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge West Span from the Embarcadero.

Capilano Cliffwalk – From September 2012, the only one with me in it. Braving the Cliffwalk with lots of facial hair

Vasquez Rocks – From December 2012, a visit to the site of many Hollywood TV shows and films, including the famous Gorn episode of Star Trek.